Wexlers Deli in LA

317 S. Broadway
Los Angeles Ca 90013



Wexler’s Deli is dedicated to tradition, craftsmanship, and quality. Founded by Micah Wexler and Michael Kassar, Wexler’s Deli strives to offer thoughtfully prepared classic Jewish deli favorites by utilizing traditional methods to hand craft the pastrami, corned beef, smoked salmon and sturgeon, and all of the ingredients we use each and every day. Our meats and fish are cured in-house in a special blend of salt and spices, slowly smoked over apple wood and hand sliced to order. Our pickles don’t come from a jar, we barrel and ferment them in a salt brine. We proudly serve real Jewish soul food, and are proud to have brought a classic deli back to Downtown LA’s Grand Central Market.

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